Thursday, January 1, 2009

Case in point

Some people have been asking why we dont hurry up and launch the full site. Y'know, start posting comics and whatnot.

Seeing as I date everything I draw, I know that it's been 14 days (2 weeks!) since I've drawn a whole comic. This fact alone, necessitates us having a huge archive of comics to draw upon. Granted, Brian has been hard at work, but I cant stand the thought of missing an update.

In other news, life in Tobago continues to be awesome for me. It's a new year! And I think it's going to be great! Should launch the new restaurant within the next 2 months, and hopefully launch this comic properly too. 

Only thing missing now is to figure out how to see my girlfriend (she's much cooler than yours) more often.

p.s. Song I'm listening to right now: Akon- Right Now (

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