Monday, December 22, 2008

Personal things... and Uwe Boll should be harmed

I had a CT scan today. I've had headaches for years now... unexplained headaches. So far so good though, the technician thought it looked normal, but I dont get the radiologists' report till tomorrow.

I've also been trying to grow bean sprouts... without following what the hippies say online. I believe them and all, but I just have an aversion to hippie techniques. Not that I dont like them. Ahem. Anywayz, it's going OK, the BeanSprouts 2.0 (bs2.0) project is going a lot better than 1.0-1.3. We shall see soon.

In any case, I shall for now, continue to blame my headaches, bean sprout problems, and aversion to hippies on Uwe Boll. I'm not sure I want to go into how it's all connected, but I'm sure you can think it through.

And besides, in any case, Uwe Boll is just awful. I keep trying to make a comic about him, but it always end with ninjas kicking him in the balls. Or something about Uwe Balls. Gosh he's awful at life.  

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